Welcome to the detailed guide of our homelab server, affectionately named "Valkyrie". This robust server runs on the unRAID operating system, a state-of-the-art, flexible, and user-friendly platform designed for network storage and virtualization.

The objective of Valkyrie is to provide our polyculic relationship with a server that is not only powerful in performance, but also simple to operate and manage. It has been tailored to be easily accessible to all members, irrespective of their technical background.

In this document, we aim to outline specific IP and domain access points, services offered, and guidelines on leveraging the offerings of the Valkyrie server. The ultimate goal is for everyone involved to easily navigate their way around Valkyrie and make the most of its capabilities.

Known Issues

As with any complex system, our server is currently experiencing a few known issues. These issues are actively being addressed and are expected to be resolved in the future.

Unreliable Boot Issue

A persistent boot concern is causing irregularities in starting up the server. Despite testing and replacement of the boot device, the issue has not been resolved, leading us to suspect a problem with the motherboard. The motherboard was already targeted for an upgrade in the future to a model offering more advanced features, suiting our unique needs. Until then, we are adapting to this temporary setback.

If you encounter the boot issue, you can attempt the following workaround. Begin by executing a forced shutdown of the server by holding down the power button. Once the server is off, remove the boot device and re-insert it into a different USB slot on the motherboard. Press the power button to reboot the server. It's beneficial to have a continuous ping command running on an alternative device during this process; this aids the monitoring of server status, especially since our server currently lacks graphical capabilities.

Absence of GPU

The current lack of a dedicated GPU in the server is impeding its graphical processing capabilities. To rectify this issue, plans are in the pipeline to introduce a high-end, modern AMD GPU. This addition will significantly enhance the server's graphical processing abilities.

Flood Container Resets

The Flood container, a helpful externally-accessible dashboard, is experiencing unexpected resets during server reboots and updates. This anomaly relates to its default configuration setting that does not accommodate persistent data. Consequently, preferences are regularly wiped. Rest assured, this issue is under active investigation with the aim to prevent future preference resets.

Inadequate Cooling Mechanism

Currently, the server operates within safe thermal limits, but it lacks an optimized cooling system. This issue arises due to the new server case, which supports a different fan size than our previous setup.

Although the CPU and existing case fans provide adequate thermal management for the current setup, the projected hardware expansions will increase the system's thermal load. Consequently, this would necessitate a more capable cooling solution.

Moving forward, our plan entails a pre-emptive upgrade to the cooling system before any other hardware augmentation. Specifically, we aim to incorporate four high-end Noctua fans—renowned for their superior cooling performance—to our setup. This enhancement would ensure stable and efficient server operation, capable of handling the impending hardware additions.

Server Access Points

Below is a list of the various IPs and domains used to access our server, along with the specific method and the services they are associated with. This will aid in understanding how different interfaces and services are accessed across our server.

Method IP/Domain Service
eth0 Direct IP, All Services
eth1 Direct IP, All Services
tailscale Direct IP, All Services
cloudflared https://dash.thayn.xyz/ Homarr
cloudflared https://dashdot.thayn.xyz/ Dash.
cloudflared https://overseerr.thayn.xyz/ Overseerr
cloudflared flood.thayn.xyz Flood (Transmission)
Plex https://plex.tv/ Plex
ngrok tcp://9.tcp.ngrok.io:24479 Terraria
ngrok tcp://thayn.xyz:24479 Terraria

Docker Services on Valkyrie

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